педіатричний зал.pptx

The pediatric training room contains a manikin that simulates a one-year old child with movable hands, legs and head. It can be used for training of basic as well as more complex pediatric procedures such as bathing and dressing, eye treatments, oral and teeth hygiene (the manikin has movable jaw with teeth and tongue), feeding through a tube, gastric lavage, intramuscular (thigh) injection, tracheotomy, catheter insertion for girls and boys, enema administration, anthropometric measurements and pediatric clinical examination. This room also contains computerized stimulators with high level of realism for working on the skills of cardiovascular examination using ECG and examination of respiratory system with various pediatric situations being simulated by taking into account physiological characteristics of children of all ages. Working with this simulator, students can either reproduce respiratory and cardiovascular auscultation alone, or they can recreate a more complex situation of examining a crying baby, which is what they are likely to encounter in real clinical practice.